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The Destiny 2 Revelry event adds a new gun and new gear next week

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Destiny 2's spring Revelry event is due to start on April 16 and run through to May 6. As well as giving the Tower a luminous makeover, there will be a new activity and new gear and guns to win.

Verdant Forest is a lot like the Haunted Forest event, but with more blossom. You fight through as many rooms as you can, facing off against bosses to full up your 'Reveler's Tonic' and drop event armour pieces.

The Tonic is a special event item that can reduce cooldowns on grenades, melee, or class ability. Wearing pieces of Reveler armour increases the potency of the buff. The buff works in all Destiny activities except private matches. Yep, that applies to Crucible PvP too. You can also earn armour pieces from Eva bounties.

There's a new gun to earn as well. You can earn the Arbalest Exotic Kinetic Fusion rifle by completing Triumphs and giving spare Reveler's Essence to Eva.

Cosmetic Bright Engrams will drop at twice the rate for the duration of the Revelry, and you can check out what they look like on the Bungie site.

Tom Senior
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