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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth's DLC detailed

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The Binding of Isaac is a game that just won't die. (Ironic, really, as most of its players will have died more than a few times in the depths of its basement.) After being re-made and expanded as TBoI: Rebirth, that remake is now getting DLC—delightfully called 'Afterbirth'.

Over at the BoI blog, Isaac creator Edmund McMillen rounds up what's in Afterbirth. Ew, gross.

  • 100+ new items
  • A new game mode that will "totally change how you play".
  • 10 new challenges
  • New playable character
  • New alternate final chapter
  • New alternate floors
  • New endings
  • New final bosses
  • Tons of new bosses and enemies
  • New items, cards, pills, etc.
  • New achievements and rewards for beating the game on hard
  • New co-op babies
  • New transformations
  • More...

A lot, then. In all, McMillen estimates the expansion could extend the Zelda-like roguelike's play time by 100-200 hours.

In addition, it looks like the original Binding of Isaac will be getting an update too. That game's programmer, Florian Himsl, is adding additional hard-mode versions of bosses. Here's an update video showing how these elite bosses will work.

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