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Everything we know about Terraria: Journey's End

The fourth major Terraria update is on its way to us at some point near the end of this year, and it’s bringing more content than you could fit in a thousand chests. It's also planned to be the final big update for Terraria, hence the name: Journey's End.

The Journey’s End update will be free to those who own Terraria—as is always the way—and will be revisiting nearly everything in the game, making wide ranging changes that would be major even if there weren't any new content. But there is: over 800 new items are being added.

In case you’re keeping count, that’s an increase of roughly 120% over what's in the game currently. Some of these will be things you can stumble across in your adventure, while others will be craftable.

What's being added in Journey's End?

The official blog post breaks down the additions, though it doesn't go into too many specifics. Here's what's planned:

  • 800 new items
  • New enemies and challenges
  • "A full revamp of world generation"
  • New mini-biomes
  • Quality of life improvements
  • An "in-game Bestiary" which will record "key statistics" and loot information about the enemies you kill, with your knowledge increasing with more kills.
  • Golf
  • A new difficulty mode that will be "a true gauntlet for the best of the best"
  • "All new and enhanced weather effects"
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New enemies are exciting for sure, though whether or not that means new bosses remains to be seen. The new challenges bit could be relating to the special events like the Pirate Invasion and Frost Moon, which would almost definitely mean new bosses, but we have to wait for confirmation. 

There’ll be some new mini-biomes too which are coming in along with a new world-generation system. What these are is a mystery, but you can probably expect more nests and dungeons if what we have now is anything to go by. 

Perhaps the two biggest new features are the ability to play golf and another even harder difficulty mode called Master Mode. If you’ve ever made it through Expert mode then you know just how challenging Terraria can be, so to ramp it up even more is going to take some doing. Maybe we’ll be getting a new accessory slot and special items to go with the new mode, or maybe it’s just for the masochists out there. Golf, on the other hand, should be a pretty chill experience.

Terraria: Journey's End is coming later this year. There are "a handful of other surprises and features" that haven't been announced yet, so we'll be keeping an eye out for more.