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Everything we know about Terraria: Journey's End

Terraria journeys end release date
(Image credit: Re-Logic)

The Terraria: Journey's End update is on its way very soon, and it's bringing more new stuff to the game than you could fit in a thousand chests. It's also the final major update for Terraria, hence the name.

It'll be free to those who own Terraria—as is always the way—and will be revisiting nearly everything in the game, making wide ranging changes that would be major even if there weren't any new content. But there is new content, including over 800 new items. That’s an increase of roughly 120 percent over what's in the game currently. So, here's everything we know about Terraria: Journey's End so far.

What is the Terraria: Journey's End release date?

The Terraria: Journey's End will release on May 16, 2020.

Check out the Terraria: Journey's End trailer

What's being added in Journey's End?

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The official blog post breaks down the additions without going into specifics. We'll cover the bigger stuff in detail below, but here's a bullet list of what's planned for Journey's End:

  • 800 new items
  • New enemies and challenges
  • "A full revamp of world generation"
  • New mini-biomes
  • Quality of life improvements
  • An "in-game Bestiary" which will record "key statistics" and loot information about the enemies you kill, with your knowledge increasing with more kills.
  • Golf
  • A new difficulty mode that will be "a true gauntlet for the best of the best"
  • "All new and enhanced weather effects"

New enemies are exciting for sure, though whether or not that means new bosses remains to be seen. The new challenges bit could be relating to the special events like the Pirate Invasion and Frost Moon, which would almost definitely mean new bosses, but we have to wait for confirmation. 

There’ll be some new mini-biomes too which are coming in along with a new world-generation system. What these are is a mystery, but you can probably expect more nests and dungeons if what we have now is anything to go by.

'Journey' difficulty is creative mode with a twist

Terraria's last big update will also add Journey Mode, Terraria's new take on creative mode. In Journey Mode, players can build from farther away and optionally enable God mode, but the new research table is where things get interesting. If you continually research a single item by crafting and expending them, you can eventually duplicate the item infinitely at any time.

Journey Mode also gives players a bundle of useful gear at first spawn to kickstart your adventure: 

  • Iron Shortsword
  • Iron Axe
  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Iron Hammer
  • Finch Staff (a bird that is happy to sit on your head when it isn't attacking your foes)
  • 100 Torches
  • 100 Rope
  • Magic Mirror
  • Starter Wings (very limited flight, removes fall damage)

Those are nifty powers, but Journey Mode is a lot less generous than Minecraft's creative mode with a full inventory of infinite blocks. It's cool that there's still an element of progression with the ultimate goal of having god-like duplication powers. Players will also have full control over which monsters can appear, their spawn rates, and their difficulty. 

You can build towns and manage NPC happiness

Terraria journeys end release date

(Image credit: Re-logic)

You know how, in current Terraria, everyone just builds a big house near the spawn point and calls it a day? In Journey's End, you'll have new reasons to expand your reach and set up towns across the world. It all starts with the addition of NPC happiness. Now, every NPC will have a preferred biome to live in and other NPCs they'd like to live with.

A settlement with three or more NPCs is considered a town. Once a town's citizens are happy enough, you can build a pylon, Terraria's new fast travel points. Players can travel between pylons at any time, so you never have to be far from your main base.

Terraria's best modding tool is now official

Terraria journeys end release date

(Image credit: Re-logic)

tModLoader, the popular Terraria mods manager/loader, is getting officially adopted by Re-logic. In Journey's End, tModLoader will be a free DLC add-on to base Tearria. Re-logic will aid in its future development to maintain compatibility with new versions of the game. In the future, the studio also has plans to support Steam Workshop, which would make mod browsing for Terraria easier than ever before.

Journey's End will also rebalance items and spruce up art

Terraria journeys end release date

(Image credit: Re-logic)

If Journey's End wasn't already adding enough cool stuff, the studio is also doing a huge balancing pass on every item, weapons, and armor piece in the game. You can read up on the specifics here, but the highlights include new move sets for short swords, new functionality for flails, and reworks for some special weapons.

Additionally, Journey's End will bring a huge art refresh to environments, items, and enemies. Follow the link above to see examples.

There's golf?

Terraria golf 1.4

(Image credit: Re-Logic)

Yup, there is golf. Why wouldn't there be golf?

Journey's End will have two new difficulty modes

We already knew about the even harder difficulty mode called Master Mode. If you’ve ever made it through Expert mode then you know just how challenging Terraria can be, so to ramp it up even more is going to take some doing. Maybe we’ll be getting a new accessory slot and special items to go with the new mode, or maybe it’s just for the masochists out there. 

We also learned of another difficulty mode thanks to the tweet that Re-Logic announced the Journey's End date in. 

The screenshot shows another mode called "journey" which Re-Logic haven't given details about. It's hanging out on the opposite end of the difficulty spectrum from Master Mode so it would seem likely that Journey will be an easy mode. 

Re-Logic had previously talked about a creative mode for the 1.4 update but never gave more details so it's possible that Journey Mode will allow for free building and no combat. 

We're getting new songs, too

Town Night is one of the new tunes which you can listen to here. The 1.4 update will also bring a new Windy Day theme.