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Teleglitch: a shooty real-time roguelike with crafting, Science

If you've room in your life for another sci-fi roguelike , then you might want to give Teleglitch a look. It's a top-down real-time roguelike shooter that reminds me of Alien Breed, and those are some words that look very good together indeed.

As IndieGames note, it's been a year since a demo version of the game cropped up, and three years since development first started. Those three years of developers Johann Tael, Mihkel Tael and Edvin Aedma's lives have resulted in a shooty roguelike (a... shoguelike?) with crafting, "a sinister narrative filled with greedy military corporations", and 10 randomly generated levels that "radically change their structure every time you play". If that sounds like something you might enjoy, there's a demo here , which I can happily report offers a lot of twin-stick-style (as in, you move with WASD and aim with the mouse) shooty fun. The full game's available for $13 or £7.83. Teleglitchy video below.