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Take On Mars update takes on Deimos, new weather, and dynamic missions

The problem with writing about Take On Mars is that, at some point, I will get that song stuck in my head. This is the curse of being born in the '80s. It's particularly annoying in this instance, because the update doesn't take place on the red planet, but its moon, Deimos, as well as some surrounding asteroids. We'll never know if "Take On Deimos" would prove less ear-worm inducing, but hopefully its trailer's electro-beeps can dispel the New Wave spectre.

"In support of Take On Mars' early access development, we've released our Deimos content update," explains the description. "Featuring two new locations and the Zero-G Probe vehicle, the content update also implements new features such as dynamic mission generation and a spectacular new weather system."

Take On Mars is currently available on Steam Early Access, where you'll find more information on the new update.

Phil Savage
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