Styx: Master of Shadows trailer moves in for the kill


Oh no, I think I might an NPC guard. I keep seeing Styx: Master of Shadows and thinking "hmm, what was that," before forgetting about it shortly after. Then, a few days later, it pops up again, and I go "hmm, what was that?" It's an ongoing cycle, one set to repeat today as I alert you to this new trailer for the stealth-based goblin adventure.

It looks interesting, right? A nice stealth game with a selection of neat tricks to utilise sounds like it could be a good time, even if Cyanide Studios' record isn't exactly filled with hits. I'm a little worried about the AI, though. In the trailer, they barely flinched when seeing one of their colleagues keel over in front of them . That must be a tower of people that really despise each other.

Styx comes out next week, on 7 October. Will it be a classic? Probably not. Will it be a decent, enjoyable action game with a bunch of amusing ways to toy with idiots? I hope so.

You can see the previous "Assassin's Green" trailer below.