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State of Decay 2 Daybreak DLC arrives September 12

State of Decay 2's DLC pack Daybreak arrives on PC September 12, adding a new mode to the zombie survival game. You'll play as a new character, a Red Talon soldier, and defend an outpost against seven waves of increasingly tough zombies. The DLC takes place on a new map and doesn't involve your existing community or characters, though rewards you earn in Daybreak will give you benefits in the main game, including the ability to recruit a Red Talon elite soldier.

You'll start out Daybreak armed with the best gear, which will include new guns and melee weapons. Daybreak also brings along a new boss zombie, the blood plague juggernaut. And, if you need help defending against the zombie siege, you can play Daybreak co-op with up to three other players. 

As staff writer, Chris has a love/hate relationship with Early Access survival games and an odd fascination with the lives of NPCs. He learned how to make animated gifs a while ago and now it's pretty much all he does.