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Starcraft Universe mod releases multiplayer boss battle in Kickstarter's final days

There are four days left on the Starcraft Universe Kickstarter klock , and the fan-made multiplayer RPG still needs to raise just over $10,000 to reach its $80,000 goal. In an attempt to drum up some interest, the mod's developers have released a new module on, and - unlike the singleplayer prologue - this time players can go online to find similar, like-minded dungeon crawlers, who can team up to slap a boss around some neon squares.

To try the mod, just load up Starcraft 2, or the free Starter Edition . Head over to the Arcade, and search for "SC Universe: Final Testament". From there, you and four other players will be able to fight through the multi-phase encounter.

"We're still working out some expected multi-player release bugs," write the devs , "but the game is still playable and working. This is our first multi-player release, so please understand there will be continued development on SCU pending our funding, and this is not the final product."

The Kickstarter will run until September 10th. If you'd like to contribute, head here .

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