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Starbase will let you destroy everything however you want

It used to be pretty exciting to see a game with a fully destructible environment, but that seems restrained compared to what stellar MMO Starbase promises with its exceedingly detailed destruction system. Watch ships get picked apart in the trailer above. 

So you can destroy everything, but more important is how you do it. Ships, for instance, are built out of countless bits and pieces, each able to be blown to smithereens or cut out with surgical precision. If you've got dreams of being a scavenger in space, looting floating hulks and ripping out the best bits, you're in luck. 

You can even just flit around space making a nuisance of yourself by vandalising ships. Nothing undermines the authority of an imposing battleship like a giant penis emblazoned on its side. 

If you don't like the idea of other players being able to nick pieces of your ship, you can alternatively play on your own in a sandbox mode, or just with friends. Playing solo, however, means you might miss out on the potential big battles, faction conflicts and big collaborative projects. 

Starbase is coming to Steam Early Access this year. 

Fraser Brown
Fraser is the sole inhabitant of PC Gamer's mythical Scottish office, conveniently located in his flat. He spends most of his time wrangling the news, but sometimes he sneaks off to write lots of words about strategy games.