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Star Wars Battlefront dated, new Battlefield coming 2016

Battlefront 3

It's been a rocky road for Star Wars Battlefront fans, but a third game is finally on the way from EA and DICE. Today we've received a release date of sorts, although it's a much more vague one than you were probably hoping for. Star Wars Battlefront—it's not called Battlefront 3, for some reason—is coming "holiday 2015", a date mentioned in a conference call between EA boss Andrew Wilson and investors, and confirmed on Twitter a little while later.

Here's that tweet in full:

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"Holiday 2015" probably means November/December time, which, as Eurogamer have noted, would coincide with the release of JJ Abrams' assuredly lens-flare-tastic Episode VII on December 18th. During the conference call, Battlefront was referred to by EA's chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen as their "major first-person shooter" for 2015 (thanks Polygon), which seems to confirm that the primarily third-person gunplay of the previous games has been cast aside—although I'd point out that chief financial officers aren't the most reliable sources when it comes to game information. Either way, we'll know more next year: EA are planning a 'first look' at the game in Spring.

In related news, we can expect a new Battlefield game (presumably Battlefield 5) in "holiday 2016".

Here's that tiny behind-the-scenes look at Battlefront from earlier in the year: