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Spy Party trailer highlights an improved art style

There's a spy running loose in Chris Hecker's asymmetrical multiplayer game Spy Party. That's part of the point, of course - the clue is in the name. This spy, however, has swapped out the crude art style of the game's beta with some lovely, well animated characters and environments. We should probably order the sniper to hold fire until he's finished sprucing up the rest of the game.

As you can see from the trailer's comparison, it's a huge improvement. Unfortunately, it'll be a while before the full game has been overhauled. "The new art isn't very playable yet," Hecker writes , "since we only have the five characters so far, and only a subset of all the animations even for those. John is working away furiously on getting statues and books and drinks and briefcases and everything else supported by the new folks, and then he'll move on to do the next batch of characters. It will be a while before the new art is tournament worthy."

If you're in the beta, you can test the new art by choosing the "Modern" level in practice mode. If you're not in the beta, you can get into it by ordering the Early Access version of the game.

Phil Savage
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