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Sniper Elite 3 DLC "Save Churchill," plus free new multiplayer map, now available


Because killing Hitler was only half the job, you may now assume responsibility for saving the life of Prime Minster Winston Churchill, the original British Bulldog, in the first of a three-part Sniper Elite 3 DLC package entitled "Save Churchill."

You might think that putting a large caliber bullet into Hitler's junk would be enough to bring the Second World War to an ahistorically premature close, but judging by today's announcement of the new Sniper Elite 3 DLC, you'd be wrong. Because now it falls upon you, as elite sniper Karl Fairburne, to prevent a Nazi assassination attempt against the great British leader in the days prior to the 1943 Casablanca conference.

Save Churchill will be released in three parts, the first of which—In Shadows, a "nighttime re-imagining" of the city of Siwa—is available now for the PC on Steam for $7 , and coming "very soon" for consoles. The "mini-campaign" will offer "new encounters, new weapons, new unit types" and the largest level ever made for the game. "The new missions are going to feel very different," Rebellion said.

The studio also announced the launch of the $4 Patriot Weapons Pack DLC, which adds the Springfield rifle, the M3 "Grease Gun" SMG and the M1911 pistol to the game, and even better, a free new multiplayer map entitled "Airstrip." Three more free multiplayer maps, along with the second and third parts of Save Churchill, are planned for release later in the summer.

Andy Chalk
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