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Serious Sam 3 hits Steam Workshop, in typically explosive fashion

The problem with Serious Sam 3's rocket launcher is that it looks too much like a rocket launcher, rather than, say, a disconcertingly headless enemy that fits in the palm of your hand like a particularly grisly Polly Pocket. Thank heavens then for the Pet Scrapjack mod , and for Steam Workshop in general, which has welcomed Serious Sam 3 into its moddable embrace .

Highlights so far include the aforementioned Scrapjack, the gentlemanly Sir Buttersworth mod , and, er, a map based on the Ben Stiller film Night at the Museum . If that's inspired you to make your own, based on Meet the Parents or even There's Something About Mary, Croteam have helpfully created a guide to putting the thing online. In the meantime, this cheery little headless fella clearly needs to be in everyone's game. Chop chop.