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Respawn's mystery VR shooter will be revealed next month

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Respawn announced that it was working with Oculus to create a VR game back in 2017, and we'll finally be able to see what they've been working on for the last couple of years at Oculus Connect 6 in September. 

All the 2017 teaser, below, told us was that Respawn was working on something. The smart money was on a shooter, which has now been confirmed. It's an FPS, and we'll be able to find out more when when it's revealed. There will also be a hands-on demo. 

Respawn's had a big year so far, with the surprise and extraordinarily successful launch of Apex Legends at the start of 2019 and, more recently, the full reveal of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

A Titanfall VR romp would be a treat, but while there is another Titanfall game coming this year, it's got nothing to do with this. We'll just have to keep speculating until next month. 

Oculus Connect 6 starts on September 26. 

Fraser Brown
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