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Resident Evil 7 hits Capcom's 4 million sales target

Despite its critical success and millions of copies sold, Resident Evil 7 failed to meet Capcom’s sales target of 4 million by the end of the fiscal year in March. Seven months later, it’s finally met that target, according to the game’s official site, which now proudly displays a stamp announcing the milestone. 

Most of Capcom’s big hitters have struggled recently, including Street Fighter 5, but in cases where game’s don’t meet the publisher’s targets, the actual targets might be the problem, not the game itself. Indeed, Resident Evil 7 is the fourth most successful game in the series, so far, which isn’t bad considering it’s was a massive departure from typical Resident Evil formula, and it followed two of the most disappointing games in the series. 

Capcom hoped that lifetime sales would amount to 10 million, which still seems pretty unlikely, but maybe the gold edition will give new life to the survival horror romp?

The gold edition is due out on December 12, and it will contain the Banned Footage DLC, along with the upcoming End of Zoe DLC. The Not a Hero DLC that was meant to be due out in spring will also launch alongside it, for free. 

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