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Resident Evil 2 Remake mod adds Dino Crisis costumes and weapons

The chances of a new Dino Crisis appearing in the near future are probably pretty low, but if you're still carrying a torch for Capcom's dino survival horror romp, there's finally a Resident Evil 2 mod that might scratch your itch, putting Dino Crisis' Regina and Dylan into the remake. Modder CrazyPotato also put together a video that you can watch above. 

The Dino Crisis mod pack swaps Claire for Regina and Leon for Morton, and you can find some goodies—there are new weapons, including the Glock—waiting for you in the RPD main hall. It turns out Sherry is a Dino Crisis fan, too, and she's sporting a new jacket to let the world know. 

CrazyPotato notes that the weapons spawn in scenario A, and you'll need to be wearing the Regina costume or have it installed if you want to use the Glock. The new DLC might also create issues, they warn, but it will be updated if that's the case. 

Now all we need is for someone to replace the zombies with dinosaurs and we won't even need a new Dino Crisis. 

Download the Dino Crisis mod pack here

Fraser Brown
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