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Regretfully, Call Of Duty: Warzone's infinite stim glitch is back

Warzone nuke event
(Image credit: Activision)

Remember a few weeks back, when we reported that Call Of Duty: Warzone's stim glitch might have been buried for good? While that report came with the caveat that Raven had less fixed the exploit, and more made its effects less damning—and with the glitch making its reappearance in recent days, it looks like the developer might've made the right call in handling the infamous bug.

Charlie Intel reports that the infamous recurring exploit has once again been popping up. But while it's still reportedly fairly easy to pull off, Raven's recent changes to Warzone as a whole have made the exploit far less effective at ruining matches. 

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Changes to the way the gas works in Warzone Season 2 means that you can no longer stim yourself for health faster than the gas can harm you. After 40 seconds, it'll just kill you outright, stim or no. It also seems that switching weapons or sprinting breaks the effect, severely limited its usefulness.

Stim Glitching has been a persistent pain in Warzone's side for months. Infinity Ward first called the problem solved back in October, only for it to pop up again, and again, and again. While it's frustrating to see the same glitch time and time again, Raven's tactic of making the glitch itself is a smart move. 

The exploit may prove impossible to solve in the long run. But making the most glaring instance of its game-breaking power effectively useless comes close second to squashing this bug for good.

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