Warzone's infinite stim glitch is back

Call of Duty: Warzone Rebirth Island
(Image credit: Activision)

The glitch that Call of Duty: Warzone just can't keep down is back, baby. The game has had repeated problems with players being able to use stims as many times as they like, a particularly frustrating exploit in a game where it can be used to hide in poison gas until all the other players are dead. Infinity Ward claimed this exploit was fixed in October, then it promptly returned a month later, and over the last 24 hours has once more reared its ugly head.

There are a plethora of Youtube videos that have appeared over the last 12 hours, which seem legit, though of course these could easily be uploads of old footage. This example however comes from a stream that began around 14 hours ago at the time of writing.

Warzone players, known for their calm and restraint, are understandably mad about the return of an exploit that's so anti-competitive, unfair and has now occurred multiple times during the game's lifespan. We've contacted Activision to ask when players can expect a fix.

Rich Stanton

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