Call of Duty: Warzone's latest patch might kill the infinite stim glitch forever

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I'm probably being way too optimistic, but Call of Duty: Warzone's infinite stim glitch, the seemingly unkillable destroyer of fair matches, might actually be dead. Hear me out.

Activision has released fixes on four separate occasions to eliminate an exploit that allows players to survive outside the circle indefinitely using the stim tool. Players have found a new pay to pull it off after each fix, but this time may be different. One gameplay change in Warzone's Season 2 patch notes appears to be laser-targeted at the stim glitch and others like it.

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"Players that are continually in the gas will suffer more damage over time." My god, it's so simple that might just work. Where past fixes have focused on exploitive uses of the stim itself, this change bypasses the player and tackles the problem on another front: the gas. The exploit has only worked because injecting a stim can heal you faster than the gas can ever damage you. Now, staying in the gas long enough will turn up the heat. If Raven has tuned it well, gas damage will eventually outpace a stim's healing output and kill them.

I can see it now: some jerkface cheater is relaxing on a quiet corner of the map, stimming with one hand and sipping Gfuel with the other. Then, bam: the gas kicks it up a notch and they die where they stand. Just as nature intended.

At least, I hope that's how this will turn out. In my mind, the only way to get around this new wrinkle would be to somehow step out of the map far enough that the gas can't reach you at all. It has been done before, but Activision has been quick to seal those holes before they're too much of a problem.

I'm crossing my fingers that we can finally close the book on this troublesome exploit and get back to Warzone's version of normal: dodging all of the other weird invisibility bugs and oogling at gun that's also a tape deck.

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