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[REC] Shutter is your holiday horror game, featuring spookycam, nightvision, an asylum

I've had my eye on FPS Creator for a long while, but this is one of the few (perhaps only) finished FPSC games I've actually discovered on the net. [REC] Shutter is a first-person horror, just the thing for those long winter nights, and like every spooky film in the world at the moment, it's viewed through the lens of a handheld video camera. This means SUDDEN BURSTS OF STATIC, which is presumably the result of ghosts trying to retune their freeview boxes. See if they managed to find Dave Ja Vu after the break.

...They didn't. (Though, sadly, they did find Yesterday - they're now convinced that they've travelled through the world's least exciting timeslip .) UK-specific digital telly references aside, [REC] Shutter has just appeared on Desura , and for free. Several people in the comments are reporting installation trouble, however, so you may want to try this alternative link . In either case, found-footage horror fans might want to give this game a try (they also might want to follow it up with a viewing of the largely excellent V/H/S .)

Here's a [REC] Shutter trailer. It has nothing to do the similarly titled Spanish horror film. ...Or does it? No.