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Prey 2 feared cancelled

Prey 2 - all the muzzle flash

It looks as though Human Head's futuristic, parkour powered space bounty hunter game, Prey 2, may be in trouble. NeoGaf spotted a report on PSFocus suggesting that Prey 2 has been canned by Bethesda.

This arrives in the wake of a Prey 2 GDC talk that was pulled just before the event. Eurogamer note a tweet from Human Head programmer Brian Karis which said that "Zenimax forced us to pull all Prey2 related talks from GDC."

Bethesda haven't confirmed or denied the suggestion that Prey 2 has been cancelled, offering only a "no comment" to Game Informer , which doesn't bode well. Publishers tend to be quite quick to insist that their games still exist. It'd be a shame if Prey 2 was dead. It had basically nothing to do with the original, but the open world cyberpunk crime-fighting premise sounded promising.

Tom Senior
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