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Planetside 2 release date announced: the war begins November 20th

If you're at all interested in Planetside 2 , then you've probably found a way to play the beta by now, either by redeeming those codes we gave you back in July , or by infiltrating the servers via some sort of stealth jetpack. It feels a bit weird, then, to be posting about a release date, but at SOE Live's opening keynote in Las Vegas, SOE president john Smedley revealed one anyway. Planetside will be coming out of it's gargantuan beta cocoon on November 20th, or Planetsidemas as it will henceforth be known.

PS2 will launch, free-to-play, with a whopping three continents. Joining the current Indar and Esamir is the swampy Amerish, which you can see in the attached video. Other continents will follow after launch, called things like Oshur, Hossin and Searhus - names that give absolutely nothing away. Changes we can expect in the meantime include the axing of the Auraxium currency, as we briefly mentioned a few days ago .