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PlanetSide 2 patch adds three-person Harasser buggy, balancing adjustments galore

PlanetSide 2's Game Update 8 rolled out this morning, and rolling in with it came the Harasser, a three-seater buggy spacious enough to accommodate a bulky MAX suit in the rear passenger seat (though he'll look hilarious ). After that, the patch just kept on rolling...and rolling, and rolling—be cautious of scroll wheel fatigue while digesting the patch notes .

Update 8's got it all: three new MAX weapons, new helmets, weapon adjustments, armor adjustments, vehicle adjustments, bug fixes, and UI updates. It doesn't get much more granular than increasing a reload time by 30 milliseconds or adjusting aiming accuracy while standing and moving by -.15, so I'll again direct you to the patch notes for the details.

SOE has also posted a video showing off the Harasser's harassing capabilities:

Tyler Wilde
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