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Pillars of Eternity's next companion is a barbarian named Maneha


The second part of Pillars of Eternity's White March expansion is out February 16, and if you reckoned Obsidian would add an extra companion or two, then well done, you're right, here's a trophy, it says 'Wolverhampton Cricket Club Champion 2006' on the side but it was the best I could do at such short notice, sorry. That new companion you were so right about is Maneha, a barbarian with a pleasant smile and a benevolent nature, looking for an ancient temple for mysterious reasons.

Here's narrative designer Carrie Patel introducing the Aumaua Barbarian, courtesy of PCGamesN:

Oh and here's a new location from The White March Part 2 that we took a look at last month. Are you excited about Pillars of Eternity's imminent conclusion?

As someone still only a few hours into the game, I'm particularly looking forward to the promised 3.0 update, which adds a new Story Time mode, player housing, and mucks about with the RPG's third act.