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Papers, Please opens its borders next week, bribes pre-orders now being taken

The isolationist state of Papers, Please will open to the general public next week on August 8th. Don't worry though - queues to access the immigration inspect-'em-up should be small, as the game's own digital gatekeeper is a highly efficient worker. At least, it is if you're prepared to grease its palm with $9.99, or your local equivalent.

Pre-orders are open now for the satirical sim, and are being taken through GOG and the developer's Humble widget . The Steam version, which should be listed soon, promises achievements, stats, and cloud saves, with Humble pre-orderers also receiving a Steam key.

The FAQ on the Papers, Please site explains the set-up:

"The communist state of Arstotzka has ended a 6-year war with neighboring Kolechia and reclaimed its rightful half of the border town, Grestin.

"Your job as immigration inspector is to control the flow of people entering the Arstotzkan side of Grestin from Kolechia. Among the throngs of immigrants and visitors looking for work are hidden smugglers, spies, and terrorists. Using only the documents provided by travelers and the Ministry of Admission's primitive inspect, search, and fingerprint systems you must decide who can enter Arstotzka and who will be turned away or arrested."

Phil Savage
Phil leads PC Gamer's UK team. He was previously the editor of the magazine, and thinks you should definitely subscribe to it. He enjoys RPGs and immersive sims, and can often be found reviewing Hitman games. He's largely responsible for the Tub Geralt thing, but still isn't sorry.