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Nvidia release The Witcher 3 'Game Ready' driver

The Witcher 3 4

What's the point of even playing an expansive sandbox RPG if you can't make each monster look like they've stepped out of a L'Oreal advert? Fortunately—for Nvidia owners at least—a new 'Game Ready' driver has been released for GeForce cards, designed to optimise the performance when using HairWorks and similar graphical additions.

A new video shows the 'Gameworks' suite in action.

For AMD users, CD Projekt Red advise against enabling HairWorks and similar, stating that it may result in "unsatisfactory performance".

"Many of you have asked us if AMD Radeon GPUs would be able to run NVIDIA’s HairWorks technology," writes CD Projekt Red's Marcin Momot. "the answer is yes! However, unsatisfactory performance may be experienced as the code of this feature cannot be optimized for AMD products. Radeon users are encouraged to disable NVIDIA HairWorks if the performance is below expectations."

The Witcher 3 is out tomorrow. We'll have some impressions of the quality of PC release as soon as is humanly possible.

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