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Where to find lodestone in New World

New World lodestone
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Looking for lodestone in New World? If you've spent any time in Amazon's new MMO, you'll know that there are plenty of resources to gather while out and about in Aeternum. You'll need these resources for crafting, but some quests require materials such as briar branches or rivercress stems.

Lodestone is a reasonably rare resource, but as it mostly appears in high-level areas, you shouldn't be surprised if you haven't seen any while out exploring. Add to that the number of players vying for it, and it's hardly surprising it's tricky to find. Of course, knowing where to look is half the battle, so here's where to find New World lodestone, as well as what it's used for.

New World lodestone locations 

While you can find lodestone in lower-level areas, the biggest concentration of the ore is located in the region north of Eastburn, almost directly east of Cleave's Point. If you have no luck there, the areas to the west of Brightwood Town or to the northeast of Weaver's Fen Town are also worth checking out. The maps below should help you pinpoint these locations.

You need a flint mining pick (or better) to get started with mining. As lodestone is a high-level resource, you'll need to spend some time increasing your mining skill to level 105 to gather it. If you have an abundance of gold and are desperate for lodestone, the Trading Post is an option.

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New World lodestone locations

Lodestone locations north of Eastburn. (Image credit:
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New World lodestone locations

Lodestone locations west of Brightwood and northeast of Weaver's Fen. (Image credit:

What lodestone is used for in New World 

Lodestone can be refined into the following items at a Stonecutting station: 

  • Lodestone brick
  • Infused Lodestone brick

Lodestone brick is then used to craft the orbs you'll need to access certain Arenas within Aeternum: 

  • Depths Tuning Orb: The Depths 
  • Eridanus Tuning Orb: Eridanus Caverns
  • Monoecious Tuning Orb: Monoecious Cleft
  • Siren Tuning Orb: Arena of Siren's Stand

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