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New Skyrim content teased by Bethesda; trailer coming tomorrow

Bethesda appear primed to announce more Skyrim DLC, after a tweet (spotted by IGN ) was posted on the company's Twitter page . Along with an image of someone wearing a particularly Skyrimian helmet, they released the following missive: "Milk, sugar, tea-" no, wait, that's my shopping list. It said "Full trailer on 11/5". Which is the American way of saying 'Bonfire night'.

We'll know for certain what this relates to on Monday, but the prime suspect, of course, is the rumoured Dragonborn DLC that was spotted a couple of weeks ago in the innards of a recent patch. If the grisly details are accurate, we'll be heading for the island of Solstheim, which you may remember from the frosty Morrowind expansion pack Bloodmoon. There, we will ride dragons, craft new weapons and armour, and dual-wield magical staffs. Sounds like one hell of a holiday.