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Monstrum 2, the 4v1 horror hide 'em up, has entered closed beta

(Image credit: Junkfish)

Monstrum 2 has a nightmarish premise: you're stuck on a labyrinthine, rundown sea fortress with three other prisoners. But wait, it gets worse. There's also a monster on the sea fortress, and in order escape this menace, you'll need to collaborate with your fellow prisoners to outsmart the beast.

The 4v1 horror formula will ring a bell to players of Dead by Daylight, or Friday the 13th, or more recently Resident Evil: Resistance. Monstrum 2 has some neats twists, though. The sea fortress is procedurally generated, so each escape and pursuit will be in unfamiliar territory.

The final game will boast a variety of monsters, too: all born of "failed deep-sea experiments," and all with their own unique strengths. As for the prisoners, don't expect to band together to shoot at a bullet sponge foe, because the focus is very much on stealth and evasion. A shooter this ain't.

The good news is that if all this terror sounds appealing, Monstrum 2 has a closed beta starting today and sign-ups are available here. There's also a new trailer, which you can watch below. If you have no luck accessing the closed beta, the full game is expected to launch in late 2020.

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