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Monster Hunter: World's TGS presentation shows off cooking, exploration and one buff dragon

With Monster Hunter: World being shown off at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom have spilled some more beans, detailing character customisation, crafting and cooking while showcasing some of the game’s open-world exploration in the stage presentation above. The presentation is in Japanese, obviously, but with some English commentary that breaks down what’s being shown off. 

We also get a look at the game’s opening moments, introducing other monster hunters before moving onto what seems like a pretty robust character creator. You’ll not only be able to customise your hunter, you’ll be able to create your very own Palico, your feline assistant.

Skip to the 36 minute mark, and you’ll see the climax of the presentation, a battle against the intimidating Nergigante, which appears to be a dragon crossed with a body builder. Terrifying. 

Like Final Fantasy XIV, however, the real highlight is gorgeous, delicious food. It’s almost too pretty to eat. But not quite. I think I’ll be treating Monster Hunter: World like a trip to the supermarket for my dinner. 

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