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Mining horde shooter Deep Rock Galactic comes to Steam

Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op horde shooter where you and your friends are all dwarves trying to shoot bugs and mine ore. When we first played it last November, it felt like a tense and innovative horde shooter. When James played it last month, he found it enjoyable but thin, with plenty of room for improvement in its long-planned Steam Early Access campaign. Which is timely enough, because Deep Rock Galactic recently hit Early Access.

The current Early Access build is $25 and includes singleplayer mode, four-man multiplayer, and four dwarf classes. Developer Ghost Ship Games says they "plan to gradually raise the price" as more content is released. Immediately, the studio is focusing on: 

  •  More game modes
  •  More varied caves and biomes 
  •  Adding tools and gear 
  •  Adding character classes and class-unique gear 
  •  A "deep and meaningful" meta  

Ghost Ship Games expects Deep Rock Galactic to remain in Early Access for one to two years.