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Man of Medan follow-up Little Hope gets creepy in new gameplay footage

Little Hope, the second episode in Supermassive's Dark Pictures Anthology, has been pushed back to autumn, but you can get a quick fix of time travel and witchcraft now thanks to this raw footage of the horror romp in action. Take a look above. 

This is one of the sections that Supermassive showed press back in April—and it looks like it's still sporting the old release date—taking place near the start of the game. A bus full of students has crashed on a foggy, lonely stretch of road after a near miss with a little girl, now vanished, so the group has to get out and look for help. 

Little Hope frequently transitions between quiet exploration, dialogue, cutscenes and QTEs, and just in this one seven-minute sequence it jumps around quite a bit. It never lingers too long one one thing, keeping you on your toes, but it's all pretty seamless. 

Just like Until Dawn and Man of Medan, the cheesy horror influences are clear as the very loud 'something scary is about to happen' audio cues. It's not the most subtle kind of horror, but Supermassive is more than capable of pulling out some surprises. It's very sneaky when it needs to be. 

The episodes were originally meant to appear every six months, but Lost Hope has taken a bit longer. Once it launches in autumn, it will have been over a year between them. Thankfully, they're standalone and feature a completely different set of characters and horrible fates, so the first episode won't need to be fresh in your mind. 

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