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Magicmaker trailer shows build-your-own spell system, customisable wizards

An email comes in for 2D RPG-platformer Magicmaker . In it appear phrases like "total wizard customization," and "poisonous exploding suns". Also a number: 2,193,360. That, according to developer Tasty Stewdios, is how many spell combinations you can potentially craft in game. Naturally, I am powerless to resist.

As you play, you'll collect materials that, through the game's crafting menu, can be inserted into spells, wands or robes—upgrading heavy attack, light attack and passive defence respectively. There are multiple slots for each item, letting you completely shape your magical attack. In addition to shooting poisonous exploding suns, Tasty Stewdios also talk of burning frost lasers, iron golem armies and, of course, vampiric lightning turrets.

Oh yeah, the levels are randomly generated, too. Indie game, innit?

I'm not entirely enamoured with the art style, but I am a fan of giant, overpowered death lasers—especially when they arrive via my own experimentation with a expanding set of possibilities. Instantly I want to know what the most combo looks like, and that's a powerful draw in terms of longevity, even if the platforming side of the game seems more simple.

Magicmaker will be released on Steam on 22 September. It'll be priced at £7/$10.

Phil Savage
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