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Layers of Fear 2 will drop anchor next month

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The first Layers of Fear was about a painter gone mad, and Layers of Fear 2 is about a film director gone mad. The whole "artist gone mad" theme is pretty attractive (at least to me), and taking the role of an actor stranded on an ocean liner at the mercy of said nuts film director is very enticing indeed. That's the stuff of horror. 

The seafaring sequel has a confirmed release date: May 28. Its confirmed for Steam, and as we've previously reported, it features narration from none other than Tony Todd, ie, the Candyman guy

The Steam description is up and promises a "classical, ominous soundtrack". Like its predecessor, it appears to be a non-violent affair, or at least, you won't be bludgeoning baddies over the head with conveniently placed wooden boards or anything like that. James wasn't hugely enthusiastic about the first game, but this sequel has a promising premise.

Here's the most recent trailer, in case you missed it:

Shaun Prescott
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