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Infini-Quest offers an adventure of infinite silliness

Infini Quest

The first thing I did in Infini-Quest was attempt to shave an angry horse. That is a strong opening for a game. It may not happen to you, though. Maybe you'll discuss art with an outraged parrot, or crawl past an abandoned brewery, or offer unwanted advice to an ancient golem.

Your actions are defined partly by your own whims, but mostly by random generation. Infini-Quest is a free browser game, created for the Procedural Generation Jam. It's a text adventure, of sorts, in which you must drag a desired action from the left page onto an object or location on the right. Do so, and you'll have the action described, and be given the result—be it gaining an item, forgetting a skill, or wallowing in a deep sense of shame and regret.

It's often very silly—the randomness of the actions and their consequences creating a strange tale of terrible decisions. Things happen—damage is taken, enemies are defeated, and progress is gained—and it's often hard to know why. That's all part of the fun, though. Infini-Quest invites you to push toward the most ridiculous and surprising interactions. Its silliness isn't a thing that happens to you; it's a thing that you define and own.






Phil Savage
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