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Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to upgrade fast

immortals ambrosia coins zeus lightning adamantine
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Want to know how to upgrade with Immortals Ambrosia, Coins of Charon, and more? This mythical RPG is filled to the brim with fun stuff to do, but unlike most RPGs, side activities like the Vaults of Tartarus or Lyre challenges are the real meat of the game. They’re also where you’ll get the majority of the materials needed to upgrade your Immortals abilities, health, and god powers. Everything has its own upgrade material earned through various Golden Isle activities that span exploration, fighting, and puzzle solving. It’s a lot to keep track of, so I’ve put together a guide to upgrading every piece of Fenyx’s arsenal quickly and efficiently.

Keep in mind that, while it’s useful to know what to look for out in the world, Immortals is generally balanced around natural exploration. If you spend time working through main quests and stop at Myth Challenges or combat trials found along the way, you’ll have more than enough upgrade materials to stay competitive in your current area (at least at the Normal difficulty I’ve stuck to so far). 

It’s also worth noting that every enemy in a region levels up a tier (from red to blue, for instance) after completing that region’s main god quest. If you’d like to grind through a region’s combat trials before that happens, pump the brakes on your god saving. So, let's get to it: Here's how to get all the Immortals Fenyx Rising upgrade resources, fast.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Coins of Charon: Skills and Godly Powers

God powers and skills are the heart of Fenyx’s upgrades, so this is what you should primarily focus on. Coins of Charon are earned by completing Myth Challenges across the map. The amount of Charon Coins you’ll earn from each challenge isn’t consistent—but there is one exception. 

To upgrade faster, focus on the Lyre challenges first. Each one will consistently earn six to eight Charon Coins each. And if you use a guide to strum the right notes without having to complete the actual puzzle, it’s even faster.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising Ambrosia: Health

Fenyx can upgrade their health by one chunk at the Hall of Gods with seven Ambrosia, colorful crystals that can be found littered throughout the Golden Isles. Ambrosia can be found almost anywhere, but you’ll usually find it at the top of a challenging climb. 

To speed up Ambrosia hunting, get the Glide Boost and Climb Leap skills early on. With those skills and smart stamina management, there’s no peak you can’t climb.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Zeus Lightning: Stamina

Perhaps the most time consuming (and fun) stat to upgrade is your Immortals stamina. Stamina chunks are gained by using seven Zeus’s Lightning at the Hall of Gods, which are earned one at a time by completing Vaults of Tartarus. 

There’s no surefire way to speedrun vaults, but you can score some extra Zeus’ Lightning by completing contracts at the Hall of Gods bulletin board.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising Red and Blue Adamantine: Weapons

If you don’t mind pummeling countless waves of monsters, you can grind your way through weapon upgrades pretty fast. You’ll find Blue Adamantine by doing just about anything in the game, but you’ll only find red by opening guarded chests, defeating large monsters, and smashing red shards in the world. 

To find Red Adamantine faster, scout out shards from high vantage points and grab them on your way to guarded chests.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Purple and Blue Adamantine: Armor

Purple Adamantine is, unfortunately, a bit harder to come by. You’ll only find purple shards in epic chests and by smashing rarer purple shards. To find Purple Adamantine faster, scout out crystals and seek out chests that can only be opened at night.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising Yellow and Blue Adamantine: Potions and arrows

Yellow Adamantine is the easiest to find of the bunch. Yellow can be collected from any chest and by smashing yellow shards out in the world. You’ll probably find plenty of this while hunting for other upgrade materials, but you can speed up your hunt by scouting out yellow shards from high vantage points.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Golden Amber: Potion effects

Golden Amber is another resource found as common chest loot, so you’re bound to upgrade your potion carrying capacity a few times early on just by hunting down shards for your other gear. You can grab Golden Amber even faster by chopping down trees with a yellow glow toward the base of the trunk. If it’s the right kind of tree, a fresh Golden Amber will be waiting on the stump.

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