Upgrade these abilities first in Immortals Fenyx Rising

immortals fenyx rising abilities
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Wondering which Immortals Fenyx Rising abilities to upgrade first? If you’re just hopping into Ubisoft's mythical RPG, you might notice its breadth of item upgrade materials, currencies, and their corresponding equipment is a bit confusing—that's why I'm here. 

After an initial tutorial period in the Clashing Rocks region, the game quickly opens up in the Valley of Eternal Spring. There you find the Hall of Gods, and with it every upgrade and customization station you’ll need throughout your adventure. It’s also the first time you get the chance to spend those Coins of Charon you’ve been collecting from Myth Challenges so far. Those are your primary upgrade currency: t’s Use them wisely.

From the get-go, you’re given the entire upgrade tree to tackle however you wish. Ability upgrades are broken into two categories: Skills (movement and attack abilities) and God Power upgrades (the flashier powers with a cooldown). It’s tempting to dive right into the God Power tree, but there are a handful of great, quality-of-life Fenyx upgrades that you should check out first. Not only will these Immortals skill tree upgrades make navigation faster, but it’ll also be way more fun.

The Immortals Fenyx Rising abilities you should upgrade first

Glide Boost

Cost: 2 coins

Make this your very first ability purchase. While holding the Glide Boost button, Fenyx flies at least double their base speed. Not only is that great for faster general travel, but since the boost doesn’t eat up any additional stamina, you’re also increasing your total potential travel distance. With how often you’ll find yourself atop the Hall of Gods after upgrading Fenyx, the boost will quickly become the most-used tool in your arsenal. The boost has also come in handy in Vaults of Tartaros. In tight platforming sections, it’s sometimes possible to combine the double jump and Glide Boost to cheese past gaps that would’ve otherwise been impossible.

Climb Leap

Cost: 2 coins

Similar to Glide Boost, Climb Leap lets Fenyx use their stamina for efficiency when climbing. It’s simple: Just press jump while climbing and leap a bit higher up like you’re climbing in Assassin’s Creed. Chaining leaps together isn’t quite as fast it would be in an Assassin’s Creed game, but it is quicker and doesn’t consume any extra stamina. I still prefer to climb normally most of the time, though I’ll often leap as I get toward the top of my climb to hurry things along.

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Swim Dash

Cost: 2 coins

Same principle, but swimming. The Swim Dash doesn’t let you break into a full-body sprint, but it does give you a brief boost above and underwater that’s super useful for shorter swims. I was grateful to unlock this one early during a tightly-timed glide that’d send me plummeting into the water when missed.

Enhanced Dodge

Cost: 2 coins

Enhanced Dodge increases your maximum consecutive dodges from three to five. When facing upwards of four or five enemies at once (increasingly common as you adventure further from the Hall of Gods), those few extra dodges can be the difference between life and death.

Telekenesis Gathering

Cost: 2 coins

Telekinesis Gathering will automatically pick up the additional items around the one you’re picking up. This one is more of a 'nice to have' skill, but you won’t regret getting it early. You spend a lot of time in Immortals picking pomegranates and gathering mushrooms, so scooping up a bundle all at once saves a lot of time in the long run. 

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