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Here are all the free games you can grab right now

(Image credit: Bohemia Interactive)

(Updated May 28, 2020)

From Epic's weekly freebies to publisher promos on Steam, GOG sale giveaways, and everything in between, there are an awful lot of free games out there right now. It can be tough to keep track of them all, and that means that you may be missing chances to claim games during giveaways.

To keep that from happening, this is a running list of every free game that crosses our screens. Both free-to-keep and temporary promotions will be included and noted as such. However, free-to-play games and others that are normally free won't be included. The point is to help you find and claim games that usually cost money.

For more no-cost fun, be sure to take a look at our categorized breakdown of the best zero-cost games of 2020.

Now let's get started:


  • Darkest Dungeon - The first-ever Darkest Dungeon free weekend marks the release of The Butcher's Circus PvP DLC, which by the way is also free (Steam, ends May 31)
  • Star Citizen - Still in alpha testing after nearly a decade of development, but Star Citizen might actually be shaping up into a genuinely deep and interesting spaceflight sim (standalone, ends June 1)
  • Far Cry 5 - Cultists and preppers make a mess of Hope County, and you won't believe what happens next (Ubisoft, preloads live now, free weekend runs May 29-31)
  • Cultist Simulator - A narrative-focused game of apocalypse and yearning, set in a world of strange gods and secret mysteries (Steam, ends June 1)

Free to keep:

  • Showdown Bandit - A stealth-action-horror game about a marionette trapped in the existential hell of an abandoned children's television show (Steam, ends June 1)
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - Two Borderlands games, one bundle, zero cost - (Epic Games Store, ends June 4)
  • Sludge Life - This bizarre vandalism-and-photography game is actually really good, and that's before you get to the cat with two buttholes (Epic Games Store, ends May 28, 2021)
  • Arx Fatalis - Arkane's first game is a masterful first-person dungeon crawler that laid the groundwork for what the studio is today (, ends May 31)

Twitch Prime:

Twitch Prime's games aren't technically free, since you need to be a Twitch Prime subscriber in order to take advantage. But there's a lot on offer if you are, including in-game loot and starter packs for free-to-play games, so it's worth keeping tabs on. Twitch Prime is included with Amazon Prime at $13 per month, or $120 per year; links to all Twitch Prime freebies are available at

  • Avicii Invector - A high-speed rhythm game created in collaboration with the late DJ Avicii (ends June 1)
  • Fractured Minds - A short exploration of anxiety and mental health issues ( ends June 1)
  • Pankapu - an action-platformer that takes place in the dreams of a child troubled by a tragic incident. Sounds like fun! (June 1)
  • Urban Trial Playground - Take your dirtbike to the beach, annoy other people with it, and inflict grievous bodily injury upon yourself for fun (ends June 1)
  • The Little Acre - A hand-drawn animated adventure set in a fantastical Ireland of the 1950s (ends June 1)
  • Snake Pass - A physics-based puzzle-platformer where you'll have to "think like a snake" if you want to succeed (ends June 1)

We'll keep this list as comprehensive as we can, but if you spot something we haven't, let us know in the comments.

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