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Here are all the free games you can grab right now

We're in the money
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There are lot of free games floating around there right now, from Epic's weekly freebies to publisher promos on Steam, GOG sale giveaways, and more. But staying on top of them all can be a real chore, and you might be missing out on some good stuff.

So we here at PC Gamer have decided to help, with this running list of every free game that crosses our screens. The goal is to help you find and claim games that usually cost money, so free-to-keep and temporary promotions will be included and noted as such, but free-to-play games and others that are normally free won't be—for that, be sure to take a look at our categorized breakdown of the best free PC games.

So, here's what we've got:


  • Borderlands 3 - That's right, the worst Borderlands game can be yours for the low price of zero dollars. Admittedly there's some quite good stuff in the first season's worth of DLC, but that's not included in the giveaway. It is on sale, however. (Epic, ends May 26)

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Free to keep:

Prime Gaming:

The games on Prime Gaming aren't technically free, since you need to be a subscriber in order to take advantage. But there's a lot on offer if you are, including in-game loot and starter packs for free-to-play games, so it's worth keeping tabs on.

Prime Gaming is included with Amazon Prime at $13 per month, or $120 per year; links to all included freebies are available at

  • Dead Space 2 (Origin, ends May 31)
  • The Curse of Monkey Island (Amazon Games App, ends June 1)
  • Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King (Amazon Games App, ends June 1)
  • Out of Line (Amazon Games App, ends June 1)
  • Cat Quest (Amazon Games App, ends June 1)
  • Mail Mole + Xpress Deliveries (Amazon Games App, ends June 1)

We'll keep this list as comprehensive as we can, but if you spot something we haven't, let us know in the comments.

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