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Half-Life 3 trademark removed, everyone go back about your business

Half-Life 3 remains in a state of existential limbo, just like it was around a week ago, before the long, long, long-awaited sequel cropped up on this European Union trademark site . As discovered by Valve Time , the trademark has now been removed, suggesting that it was most likely a hoax. Considering the proximity of the Portal 3 trademark listing, there's a good chance of that being a fake too. In better news, H ome L and season 3 starts on Channel 4 tonight, which...oh God, it's happening again.

Of course, that trademark listing was soon accompanied by a revealing peek through Valve's Jira database - which seemed to confirm that there are high-profile teams at Valve working on Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3 - and this probable hoax can't undermine that. What it does mean is that there's now nothing to suggest a Half-Life 3 (or indeed a Left 4 Dead 3) announcement is happening anytime soon , if indeed that's what a trademark listing even indicates in the first place. It's disappointing news, perhaps, but take heart from the Jira stuff - there are some very talented names knocking around there.

Thanks to Game Informer .