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Gloomhaven gets an Early Access teaser ahead of launch

Gloomhaven, the digital adaptation of the phenomenally popular board game of the same name, is coming to Steam Early Access next month, but first, a teaser trailer full of turn-based tactical brawls! Stick it in your eyes above. 

Announced last year, it's an adaptation of the tactical dungeon crawler—one of the best board games around—where you'll need to put together a band of reckless mercenaries and send them down into the depths of unwelcoming dungeons in the name of loot and adventure. Mostly loot.

If you're a tabletop player, expect lots of familiar elements, but the digital version isn't just a recreation of the physical game. There's an exclusive roguelike mode, for instance, and an endearing comic aesthetic that isn't as present in the original. It looks like it has plenty of style all of its own. 

Another reason to be excited about the adaptation is that it will presumably cost significantly less than the £140 board game. Yes, that's right. £140. Even in the expensive world of tabletop gaming, that's pretty pricey, even if the box is quite big. 

Gloomhaven will hit Early Access on July 17. 

Fraser Brown
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