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Get your Fallout 4 settlements ready for Halloween with this mod

(Image credit: Bethesda/Lunchbox Mods)

With Halloween approaching, we no longer just have to worry about decorating our crypts with suitably spooky props, we also have to worry about making sure our digital abodes are equally festive. For the denizens of Fallout 4, they can thankfully get most of what they need from a new Halloween decor mod. 

Lunchbox Mods' Halloween pack adds a bunch of unique items to the build menu, letting you plonk down lots of pumpkins, graves and cheerful skeletons, making sure your neighbours know that Halloween is serious business. 

The best part of the collection has got to be this poor skeleton who has been tossed in a drum and halfheartedly dressed up with a rubbish homemade mask. Not all costumes can be winners.  

(Image credit: Bethesda/Lunchbox Mods)

When you live with the horror of ghouls and mutants and radiation every single day, I'm not sure if there would be much appeal in dressing up as monsters and sticking skeletons everywhere, but I'm not one to deny anyone the chance to participate in this sacred festival of scares. 

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