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Gears Tactics launch trailer is fun and full of info

All it took was a little genre shift to get me intrigued in Gears of War again—well that and Wes' assertion that Gears Tactics is a "shockingly good strategy game". It's releasing April 28, but here's the fun, self-aware launch trailer to get you fired up in the meantime.

It's a neat trailer, packing in a lot of information in just over two minutes, with the aid of lots of Big. Pop-up. Text. One thing you might want to take note of is that preloads are now available, so if your internet has been slowed due to...well, everything, you've now got a headstart on installing Gears before the release date.

I'll be interested to see how Gears Tactics turns out. The beginning bit certainly sounds good—Wes pointed out the strength of its opening when compared to XCOM 2's.

Thanks, ResetEra.