GDC 2013: Nvidia tech demo shows massive real-time destruction

Nvidia hate buildings

If this was a movie, the end of this video would pull back to reveal a round-table of world leaders staring dumbfounded. Then, Nvidia's PhysX SDK Research Lead Matthias Müller-Fischer, would appear on their screen (possibly with a cat), point his omnipotent crosshair of ultimate destruction at Big Ben and start reading out the transfer details for his Swiss bank account.

Instead, it's a clever GDC tech demo experimenting with real-time dynamic fracturing. As yet, it's not a perfect physics simulation - those structures aren't collapsing under their own weight. That's something Müller-Fischer says should be working soon.

The demo's running at 30 frames per second on a single GTX 680 - which is a somewhat moderate speed for what is still a pricey card. That means we're likely a way off seeing this sort of wanton destruction make its way into a working game. But it's a nonetheless cool look at the future of blowing up buildings.

Thanks, VG247 .