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Flight Control HD is out now on Steam

Flight Control HD

Flight Control puts you in charge of a busy airport and asks you to manage the incoming planes, drawing routes to free runways, avoiding mid air impacts and keeping everyone safe. But then more planes come, and more and more until the whole screen is full of aircraft looking for a home. This addictive little air traffic control sim is on sale now on Steam for £2.99/$4.99. There's a trailer below.

The Steam version of the game comes with a special stunt map in which you need to slalom your aircraft through set obstacle courses before they can land. There are nine other levels with several difficulty modes, including a 'fast-forward' mode if you're really good. There's a raft of Steam achievements and a global leaderboard, too. Here's the trailer, I'm pretty sure the music will be in my head for the rest of the day.

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