Firefall trailer reveals launch plans with magic hologram

If you're interested in the key Mark Kern's success as CEO of Red 5, look no further than the 2:28 mark in the latest Firefall dev diary when he starts using his holo-magical powers to explain Firefall's intriguing progression system. Imagine being able to pull a diagram out of thin air. You'd win every meeting you walked into, and you'd make a pretty great Bond villain, at a pinch. I'm not saying that Mark Kern is a Bond villain per se , just that he's sitting in the sort of bar you could well find hidden in the depths of a volcano base. And then there's the bit where he crushes the Earth IN THE PALM OF HIS HAND at 3:30. Just saying.

You can sign up for the beta and become part of Red 5's diabolical machinations on the Firefall site . It's looking very smart indeed.