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Fatshark is giving away 100,000 copies of Lead and Gold, its Wild West online shooter

Back in 2010, long before it made the surprise hit multiplayer shooter Warhammer: End Times—Vermintide, Fatshark created a Wild West-themed third-person team-based shooter called Lead and Gold. It was actually pretty decent, and while the player base has shrunk rather dramatically, it's still available for purchase on Steam for $10/£7. Or. if you're one of the first 100,000 (yes, 100,000) in line, you can just grab it for free. 

"We love Lead and Gold. It's the game that took us around the world to show that Swedish Vikings can make a cowboy game,” Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund said. And this freebie, according to the giveaway page, is simply to “spread the love”: Follow the studio on Twitter and give it your email address, and you'll get a Steam key in your email sometime within the next 24 hours. (The studio said the delay is the result of “heavy strain” on the giveaway. Apparently people like free stuff.) 

There's no indication of how many people have already requested keys (and thus how close to the end of the line you may be), but Fatshark said there's no luck of the draw involved: Everyone who enters the giveaway will get a key.   

Andy Chalk
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