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Far Cry 3's co-op trailer is a swearing masterclass


British Characterisation Alert! In case you couldn't tell that Callum - the narrator of this Far Cry 3 co-op trailer - was Scottish from his name, his unquestionably authentic accent, or the caption that labels him the "Scottish thug," Ubisoft have tried to really hammer the point home with his swearing. Within the first thirty seconds he's said "wanker", "bloody", "cock-up" and "cocksucker". Crikey.

The broad stereotypes don't end there. We're also introduced to Leonard, the "crooked cop", who's Southern drawl announces that "by the time I'm done, you won't be able to tell his face from a squirrel in a woodchipper." I think that might be the most American sentence I've ever heard. Finally there's Tisha, the "ex-soldier", and Mikhail, the "Russian Hitman", although sadly we don't get to hear either of them deliver any ridiculous dialogue at all.

Away from heavy-handed caricatures, the trailer's full of explosions, stabbings, molotovs, flamethrowers, box carrying and some good old-fashioned shooting as the team attempt to retrieve their "stash". It all looks enjoyably frantic, and it's nice to see that time's been taken to create a completely separate campaign for the co-op.

Previously we've seen Ubisoft trail FC3's map editor , and you can read Tom's thoughts on the full game in our review . Far Cry 3 is released on Friday.

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