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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sold over a million copies, Ubisoft CEO promises more "mini-AAA"

Absurd neon FPS spin-off Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has sold over a million copies, revealed Ubisoft CEO (and Aisha Tyler sidekick) Yves Guillemot in an interview with Game Informer . Guillemot was explaining the publisher's success with what his interviewer called "mini-AAA" - smaller-budget download only titles, including Blood Dragon and the recent Call of Juarez: Gunslinger . As a result of the sales, Guillemot confirmed that more games of a similar scope were planned.

"What's changing is that there's also more digital sales," Guillemot said, "so it means you can come out with games that are smaller in size, but bigger in innovation, because you don't target a huge group. You can target specific audiences who want to play that one day.

"You will see more and more of those in the future."

Neither game could really boast capital-I innovation, but both played with tone and theme in ways that made them an interesting departure from high-budget, "boxed" titles. (Admittedly the terminology is all over the place here, because, on PC at least, who buys boxed copies any more?)

Of course, scope aside, the consistently silly trailers probably didn't do Blood Dragon any harm.

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