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Fall Guys' futuristic Season 4 trailer hints at Among Us collaboration

Fall Guys is falling face-first into the far future later this month, as Season 4 brings the bean stumblers tumbling into a world of neon-tinted new challenges. 

A sci-fi twist on Mediatonic's fumble royale was teased late last week. Now, we've got a fuller look at the synth-tracked cyberscape that'll greet us on March 22nd—anti-gravity fields, guy-sized pinball walls, and retractable bridges being just some of the obstacles featured in the season's seven new stages.

Naturally, there's also a range of new cosmetics shown all. Fall Guys is drawing from the Marty McFly school of future fashion for its 4041 line-up, flaunting a range of day-glow jackets and neon spandex to dress up your beans in. 

Season 4 isn't all keytars and pinball, mind. The trailer ends with a small tease for something rather... well, sus.

Among Us comes to Fall Guys

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Someone call an emergency meeting.

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